Grimanesa’s Birthday, May 4th
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It was a nice day (and night) of Karaoke, dancing, and food on Sunday, to celebrate Grimanesa's birthday, May 4th.
The day started early as Grima prepared baked chicken, beans and rice. She got exactly what whe wanted for dinner by making it herself!
In the afternoon, Uvaldina, Frine and Velia showed up and the partying began. Soon afterwards, Jenaro and Pilar arrived.
Daniel brought out the Karaoke machine and sang Celine Dion and Whitney Houston songs. Velia would have no part of it, but Maria, Pilar and Dan really enjoyed themselves.
We had some dinner, the chicken, rice and beans, and we all ate too much. There was wine, of course. The bottle in the picture at left is non-alcoholic, but we had the other stuff too.
Daniel brought out his iPod and some speakers, and Maria D.J’d some cool Latin dance tunes. Everybody joined in the dancing and had a great time. Jenoaro was his usual enerjetic self, dancing away and having a blast.
The three elders chatted for a while in Quechua, their native tongue. Jenaro wished Grima a happy birthday in Quechua, too.
Later in the evening, Melanio, Chaska and Brian came. The had some food, snacks and sodas, and talked to their cousins.
Eventually, it was time to light the candles, sing, and cut the cake. We all had a slice and theorized about the filling: was it beans of some sort? Fruit? Something else? We may never know, but it was delicious and beautiful nonetheless.
Happy Birthday, Grima, and many, many more!
Frine, Dan, Velia (top row, standing)
Grima, Uva, Jenero, Pilar (bottom row, sitting)
enjoy good times around the dinner table
Frine smiles for the camera  --  Cutting the Rug with Jenaro, Grimanesa, and Velia  --  
Uvaldina dances with Jenoaro  --  Grima cuts her birthday cake
(clockwise from upper left)