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Dan's Yuma Pictures

Here are the Yuma, Arizona pictures. If you have not read or agreed to the copyright, go back and read them, then agree to them. Don't come back to this page unless you do!

First Light over House
Hills at Sunrise

Sun breaking over Gravel Park.

I call it Gravel Park, but I don't know if that's the real name. It's a park with no grass, though. Instead, the ground is covered with gravel

Benches at Gravel Park.

Gravel Park has these interesting, mosaic-tiled benches. I wish they could be seen better; they're really quite interesting.

More Gravel Park

Here you can clearly see the gravel, and the desert plants.

House with Sun Ornament

There seems to be something about having a picture or artwork of the sun on the side of your house. You can't much make it out here, but it's the brown circle to the right of the front door. I saw a few of these and similar icons around Yuma.

Cable TV antennae
House of Rocks

Dog in the Front Yard

You can tell the optics on my cheap camera are not too great... the real lens flare is pretty grungy.

Yuma airport

Water Tanks from Afar

These tanks, presumably water tanks, though I don't really know, have an interesting position on a predominant hill very near downtown. The mural, which you can't make out too well, is of a southwestern landscape.

Enlargement of water tanks

This is an enlargement of the previous picture, though you can't make the mural out too much better for all my effort.

Colorful Cacti
Can Collector near Gravel Pit

Fast Bicyclist

In contrast to the man with the bike collecting cans. These photos were taken within 3 minutes of each other, somewhat ironic since it was about 6:00 a.m. on Sunday and in a fairly underdeveloped part of town.

Pretty Flowers and Union Pacific

You can barely see the train in the background.

Date Farm

Suarro Cactus House

Sorry, I know this isn't spelled right, but I must have it REALLY wrong, because I can't even find it in the dictionary. (It's S-a-g-u-a-r-o. -ed. )

Aqueduct and Little Dam

Purple Apartment with Sun and Honda

Here is a bright purple apartment (though the color doesn't quite show) with a sun painted on the stucco wall. Parked out front is ths tricked-out Honda Civic.

Steel Bridges

The automobile bridge was closed for repairs. Somebody mentioned this is/was the main way into town, and nearby is a famous old-west prison.

Concrete Overpass

In the upper left of the previos picture, you can see the edge of this bridge. Perhaps this is the NEW main way into town.

Yuma City Hall
Corn Fields
Junk Yard

These pictures were taken on one of those cardboard Kodak cameras (35mm) on June 24, 2001 in Yuma, Arizona, except for the one of the wrecked car yard and the corn farm, which were taken the same day, but on the California side of the Colorado river (across from Yuma). They were printed onto Kodak paper. I don't know what f-stop or shutter speed I used... the camera does all that.